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Slow Food Peak District & Staffordshire at Freedom Brewery

So after the hubby’s first forage into Beer reviews we thought we might indulge a little more and came up with a new series of posts to be called Bebida/Drink. So a few weeks ago when I saw there was a … Continue reading

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Review: Grooms Cottage, Bosherston, Pembroke

With the arrival of Baby G into the family we decided to return to holidaying in the UK. The last few years have seen us jet abroad for our breaks from France to Canada and even a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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The Domino’s Challenge

You know those nights where you get home late and can’t be bothered to cook? Do you be naughty on the purse and the waistline and order takeaway? Do you pop to the supermarket and grab a ready meal or … Continue reading

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Two Towers Brewery

Now seen as I don’t really like to drink beer in any form (well maybe just the one!), Owen thought he would contribute with a few posts on local breweries and their beers. Think he finally realises us food bloggers … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: The Swan Hotel – Stafford

Since the arrival of Baby G, dining out has become something to treasure. We either have to plan a meal around nap time and feed time or rely on family to help out.  Luckily Baby G’s grandparents live nearby and … Continue reading

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Midlands Food Bloggers meet at 99 Station Street

This weekend saw the latest Midlands Food Bloggers (MFB) meet up. I was a little nervous about it all as I had arranged the venue and plan for the day, and just hoped everybody would enjoy themselves. So what did … Continue reading

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Time for a cocktail – Kitchen stool review and giveaway

One of my all time favorite films is Cocktail, forget the fact that Tom Cruise is too short to be a worthy contender in my “top five”, it’s a film that all women of my age have probably watched a hundred times. … Continue reading

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