So you may wonder why it’s called Comida y Vida, the Spanish for “Food and Life”, when I live in Staffordshire. Well, it was during my time living in Spain for 18 months that the interest in good food and wine started and since then I have become a true foodie. I love to cook and bake, I love eating out, I love reading cookbooks, I love watching food TV programmes – yep, I love it all! 

Once I had my own kitchen I was determined to try and recreate some of the food I had enjoyed in Spain, like the simple but delicious Tortilla de Patata or the sweet and moreish Churros y Chocolate. This blog was created to share my trials and tribulations of bringing some Spanish flavour to my little corner of the world. 

Now, it has become so much more. As a true foodie of the Midlands I am an active member of the Midlands Food Bloggers community that I help run with Jo of Jo’s Kitchen, and as one of the few food bloggers of Staffordshire I hope to discover and share the fabulous producers and eateries that my surrounding area offers. 

I have also redesigned this blog (July 2011) to incorporate the main focus of my life now, my beautiful daughter, Grace, who was born in February 2011. So it will definitely live up to it’s name and share more than my foodie adventures but also my family life and being a mummy.

So from Spain to Staffordshire, food and life,  I hope that you will find something of interest and enjoy having a little look around. 

Disfrutas / Enjoy


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