Two Towers Brewery

Now seen as I don’t really like to drink beer in any form (well maybe just the one!), Owen thought he would contribute with a few posts on local breweries and their beers. Think he finally realises us food bloggers aren’t an alien species after coming along to our recent meet up and decided to get in on the action!

On the most recent visit to 24 Carrots Farmers market in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham we discovered a local producer that we hadn’t heard of before. It is Two Towers Brewery.

The Two Towers refer to the iconic towers in Edgbaston, Birmingham that allegedly inspired the writings of JRR Tolkien and are just one of the Birmingham features that are used by the Brewery. The names of the beers are all routed in the history of the city.

Owen sampled 3 of the beers from their range and here are his thoughts:

Chamberlain Pale Ale – I liked this beer with it’s fresh citrusy aroma; it has a crisp and refreshing flavour. It is as light as you would expect from a Pale Ale and has some floral notes. It leaves a lasting tang on the palate with a yeasty sediment. I’d say it’s perfect for a summer’s evening of drinking.

Baskerville Bitter – I loved the full-on hoppy flavour of this bitter complemented by the classic aroma of a traditional bitter. It is a well rounded beer and could easily become a session beer. Full of body and with a tangy finish.

Jewellers Porter  – I enjoyed the deep classic flavour of the stout with it’s dark molasses taste. It surprised me with it’s complex fruity finish but overall very enjoyable.

The Two Towers Brewery also have 2 Mild’s and another bitter in their range. Currently I think you can get Two Towers Beers on draught in local pubs around Birmingham and also bottles at Farmer’s Markets like 24 carrots. Check them out if you’re ever in Birmingham.


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4 Responses to Two Towers Brewery

  1. Kavey says:

    >Hooray!I finally roped Pete into blogging by suggesting that, instead of doing his own blog, which we both knew he'd never keep up with, he write a subset of mine, which we're calling Kavey Eats, Pete Drinks!He's now got really into it, attended some blogger events with me, where the products apply to both of us, and even headed off for one on his own, a beer-specific one!Here's the link, should your Owen be encouraged to do similar!🙂

  2. Louise says:

    >Hi Kavey, It was actually your blog that gave me the idea -so thanks and hope you don't mind me copying the idea. I wish I liked beer and could do it myself but despite trying them each time I really don't enjoy it. I'm a vino girl! We are off on 2 local brewery tours in the next couple of weeks so more posts to come! 😉

  3. Kavey says:

    >Of course not, getting more people sharing their thoughts on beer is alwyas good!

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