Tapas takes me back

As many of you are aware or as the name of the blog suggests I have a love of all things Spanish. On a regular basis I cook with Spanish ingredients like chorizo or Pimenton – smoked paprika. But every so often I crave an authentic Spanish food experience. Unfortunately we don’t have any good local tapas bar nearby (or even not so nearby) so I often create tapas style dinners at home.

The contents of these vary each time, sometimes they are typically Spanish, with all dishes that could be found on a tapas bar in Spain, and washed down with a glass (or two) of Rioja. However, I will admit that sometimes when time is short or ingredients not available I opt for something not too authentic to add into the mix. As long as it fits the bill of being able to pick at and share amongst friends it might find it’s way onto the tapas spread, like potato wedges, pate and even chicken dippers!

Last weekend, with the bit of sunshine the UK was basked in reminding me of my second home, I had one of my “cravings” and set to creating a typical feast of Spanish tapas dishes.

It consisted of a variety of traditional Spanish tapas dishes and the obligatory glass of vino Tinto.

From left clockwise

  • Croquetas de jamon

  • Patatas Bravas

  • Chorizo al vino

  • Serrano Jamon y Queso de Manchego

  • Gambas al ajillo

Each day this week I will be sharing with you how I created each dish, so pop back tomorrow for the first recipe.

Hasta manana folks




About Louise Sims

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator at Stampin' Delight, Food and parent blogger at Comida y Vida
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1 Response to Tapas takes me back

  1. Victoria says:

    >yummy – except for the gambas – I'm allergic! I love cooking tapas too – bet yours are loads better than mine though.You've made me want to cook spanish this week now, thing is it always takes me ages and I'm time precious this week.LoveVictoriax

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