Look who’s here ….

Well since my last post I’ve had a life changing experience ….. I am now a mummy!!!! I have a beautiful baby girl who was born on 16th February at 7.30am.

Introducing Grace Ava ……

Snoozing in the Moses Basket

I (and my hubby) was quite impressed with how I coped with the labour – something I was petrified about!! I’m no good with pain normally, but I did most of the hard work at home and was only in hospital 2 hours before Grace arrived.

It was such a relief when she arrived safe and sound, though I was exhausted. By the time we headed home I had been up for 4 days straight – a whopping 84 hours – with only a few moments sleep in between contractions.

The birth of my gorgeous girl was followed by a rollercoaster of emotions, as on the neo-natal check done on Day 4, we were sent back into hospital with Grace. She has been diagnosed with a heart murmur – something I have since found out can rectify itself, or can be lived with. Some need to be treated with medication or operation, so whilst we’re trying not to worry it will be a relief once we know what we’re dealing with, so just awaiting an appointment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The very next day I learned that my dear Grandad had passed away during the night. He had been unwell for a couple of years and whilst it was a blessing that his suffering was over, it was still a shock. Sadly he never got to meet Grace but it has helped my Grandma with the thought that he waited till he knew she had arrived safely. At least he had seen a photo of her, just never got the cuddle he was hoping for. I’m sure he’s looking down on us now and will be my little one’s guardian angel.

Cuddles with Daddy

So whilst feeding has been an important part of my day, and sometimes has lasted for hours, it’s not been for me. Though I can happily say my little girl has got quite an appetite – definitely her mother’s daughter!!

Luckily we done some batch cooking to stock the freezer including some of the Chile Con Carne and a couple of curries.

>Hoping to get back in the kitchen soon

Hasta la proxima


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6 Responses to Look who’s here ….

  1. adorable… congratulations and good luck on your new adventure called Grace!

  2. Charlene says:

    >Many congratulations. She is gorgeous!

  3. Nora says:

    >Awwwww – too cute! Congratulations!

  4. Jen S. says:

    >Congrats. She's lovely.

  5. >Congratulations and here's hoping that everything goes well for you and Grace from now on.

  6. Debs @ DKC says:

    >Many congratulations to you and your family. May Grace have a healthy happy life, x

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