2011 – Here I come

So did you all enjoy the festive period? Mine was unfortunately spoilt by a hubby with flu and me with a really bad cold and cough that is still lingering on now. The perfect time for foodies to over indulge and we’ve hardly eaten!

My time in bed was well spent though as with a hot Ribena by my side and a box of tissues I had plenty of time to read my fellow food bloggers round ups of 2010 including:

  • Jo’s Kitchen’s first full year of blogging included some things I shared with her so was a particularly nice review for me to read.
  • Kavey Eats review combines cooking at home with some fabulous events and classes.
  • The top London food blogger Eat Like a Girl has so achieved so much there’s not 1 post but 3 (and maybe more to come!)

2010 was the first year of blogging for me and I had so many good intentions when I set out on the road this time last year, but with work, then getting pregnant and a recent redundancy to sort out I soon ran out of time and energy to keep them up. So instead of what would be a very short review of my blog for 2010 I thought I’d do a plan for 2011 for Comida y Vida.

With time at home when baby arrives I’m hoping I maybe able to indulge in more home cooking and blogging in the coming year (I think restaurant visits may be less frequent! 😉 ).

Here’s some of my aims:

  • One Spanish recipe a month. I was recently made redundant by my Spanish employers so with no overseas trips planned for this year I definitely need to bring a little of the Spanish costa to Staffordshire. Explore and report on Staffordshire and Midlands based events and producers.

  • Visit Purnell’s as my post-baby food and wine treat

  • Attend a bread-making course at Loaf Cookery School

  • To use my growing cookbook collection and try all those recipes I keep on saying I will, posting the results whether they be a success or disaster!

  • Turn my little patio into a propoer kitchen garden. 

  • So with just one last point before I embrace 2011 with full gusto, which is to thank you for visiting and reading and especially for taking the time to let me know you’re here.

    Here’s hoping 2011 proves a fabulous foodie year and I hope you’ll come with me for the ride (once my appetite returns!)


    About Louise Sims

    Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator at Stampin' Delight, Food and parent blogger at Comida y Vida
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    7 Responses to 2011 – Here I come

    1. Louise says:

      >Thanks Charlene, same to you! x

    2. >Looking forward to keeping up with your kitchen adventures in 2011. Happy New Year! When are you due?

    3. Louise says:

      >Same to you Laura, I loved the hamper gifts you made last month. 7th of Feb is due day so not long at all!! very excited!! and very happy to read how you combine motherhood and foodie blogging! 😉

    4. Kavey says:

      >Aaw, I was a bit worried my looong round up would dull everyone senseless! Thanks for reading it and even more for mentioning it!And for the lack of food eating, I sooo sympathise. I was poorly last year and could hardly eat a bite.Happy New Year to you, hope you are fighting fit soon and ready and raring to go!:)

    5. >Happy New year and here's to a wonderful 2011 x

    6. joskitchen says:

      >Happy New Year Louise! Good luck for 2011. If you need any help with your goals, especially the Loaf bread course I will do them with you. I love sharing our adventures. I look forward to seeing you and the new addition soon. Thanks for the blog link. 🙂

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