New Season, New Farm Asparagus

Now I don’t want to be known as the foodie blogger who jumps on the bandwagon, and with so many people hailing the arrival of the english asparagus season I almost didn’t post this, but then I love fresh asparagus so much I couln’t resist.

Now Staffordshire may have a lack of michelin starred places to dine but we do have some producers who deserve this kind of accolade, including New Farm asparagus, used in many restaurants locally (I think even Glyn Purnell purchases his asparagus from here to as he mentioned it on Saturday Kitchen the other week!)  and sold into the supermarket chain. Fortunately for us that live locally they have a farm shop so we can indulge ourselves in the freshest of the fresh!

So I picked up a couple of bundles on Sunday morning and headed home salivating at the thought of  breaking that softly poached egg with a tasty asparagus spear. On the way home I picked up some other supplies and set to work on my dream lunch dish at this time of year.

We had opted for asparagus wrapped in proscuitto served with a poached duck egg for that extra luxury and topped off with hollandaise.

Something missing … well my first attempt at hollandaise wasn’t very successful and not wanting to wait whilst I attempted another we left it to one side. The asparagus was quickly blanched before being lovingly wrapped in proscuitto and placed on to the griddle pan,  whilst a duck egg was poached. The eggs didn’t turn out as normal, I guess the difference between buying fresh from the local butcher and picking them up on a Sunday morning at the supermarket, but we live and learn!

p.s any tips on making a fool proof hollandaise?







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  1. >No such thing as too many posts on asparagus. I find the contention is over whether it tastes better griddled or steamed/blanched. Your method makes the best of both, perfect! I always revert to Leiths Cookery Bible for classic sauce recipes.

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